Turning something normal into something spooky

Yippee…Halloween is around the corner and I decided to get creative and make things a little more haunted than normal…

My favorite thing to do is to visit a good thrift store and that is exactly what I did.  I walked in with the intention on finding a candlestick that could be turned spooky for Halloween.  It just so happened that I found two candle holders that could be placed together to form a candelabra.

A quick coat of black spray paint and my spooky candelabra was on its way.

The best part about thrifting, is that sometimes I find amazing things without even looking for them.  This mirror, was an extra that the lady just through in for free because she was so excited to hear what I was going to be using it for!


Exploring a new painting medium

In September, I started something a bit out of my comfort zone.  Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely painted with watercolor before but I had never actually taken a watercolor class.   It is a little scary working with a type of paint you are not all that familiar with.

I have been painting all my life, but really my GO-TO paint was always acrylic.  I have come to the realization that making certain types of color in my paint palette is a bit trickier than I thought…and what…”NO WHITE”.  Can’t I just add a little Acrylic white in there!

Here is my first completed painting.  My professor was quite impressed and with a sigh of relief, I think I can continue.

If painting seems scary to you at first…sometimes it is important to just try it out.  I can’t tell you how many paint parties I have taught that scared people.  In the end everyone was beyond satisfied and even wanted to try it again!


A unique lamp turned orange

I am a lover of all things unique…when I saw this lamp at a thrift store, I had to have it!

The design of the lamp was fun, but I just was not feeling the color!  I spray painted the lamp using a primer paint first.

After the primer was dry, I chose a bright color that I thought would be fitting to the style of the lamp.

After the whole thing was dry, I added a new lamp shade and it looked fabulous!

Painting faux shiplap

Who doesn’t like a good shiplap wall?

It seems as if shiplap has been all the rage the last couple years…especially since Joanna Gaines from the hit show FIXER UPPER made it popular.

I liked the look of it and wanted in my house, but without the work or cost of actually putting up shiplap.  SO…I painted stripes on my wall to give my house the same effect!

Here is the before and after…

In order to give my wall the shiplap effect, I had to paint on lines on the wall.  I used a straight edge ruler, a pencil, some painters tape and black craft paint.

The best part about doing these lines, is that I wanted them to have that rough wood appearance, so I wasn’t even that careful about making the lines perfect.

In the end I was very happy with the results!

The Paint Party Business

I have a lot of people ask me about my paint party business on a daily basis.  I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my experiences so far in the business of painting.

When did I start?

I started my business in 2012 out of my home.  I went down to the City of Reno  and applied for a business license.  It was the first that the City of Reno had heard of a mobile paint party.

How did I come up with the idea?

Honestly I paint so much that I thought it would be a fun way to share it with people.  I also was running a professional blog at the time and I wanted to make more money being that I was a stay at home mom.

What was your first party?

My first paint party was a free party I hosted for family and friends.  I invited over a bunch of people to my parents house and we painted lemons.  It was fun to see my business in action and I loved getting feedback.

Do you have repeat customers?

Yes.  Harrah’s Reno has been very kind to me.  They are a great group to work for.

Have you ever spilled paint at a house?

Cross my fingers…NO.  Most of my clients are adults and so they seem to be very careful but I keep thinking it will happen one day!

Has anything crazy ever happened?

I have been pretty lucky so far….but here are a few that come to mind.

We had some tables on the lawn…and right in the middle of painting, the sprinklers went off under the tables.  Everyone grabbed their paintings and ran…

I showed up to a party and right as I was getting out of my car, it began to flash flood.  I had to wait about a half an hour to get anything out of my car.  Luckily the party going on inside was a lot of fun and no one cared.

Where have you had parties?

A sorority, many houses, back yards, garages, churches, a crossfit gym, apartment clubhouses, casinos, a park….I have been all over.

What is your favorite painting?

Gosh…I’ve done so many.  I really like the Emerald Bay painting.  I love Tahoe and it is fun to paint a place you’ve been before.

What’s the best thing about going to paint parties?

I love meeting new people.  We always have a great time!

How long will you do paint parties?

As long as I want to…maybe forever!



Thrifting furniture

One of my favorite things to do, is to go thrifting for furniture.  Most often the furniture you find will be unique or a little quirky and almost always it will be REAL WOOD!

How do you find the right piece?

Go to the thrift store with an open mind.  You most likely will not find exactly what you are looking for.

Go with an idea of what you need. I went with my daughter looking for a small table that would hold a fish tank and so we only looked at furniture that would hold a fish tank.

Thrift stores are hit and miss!  Not always do I get so lucky!

This particular piece of furniture is an old writer’s desk…it even still had an old ink jar in the top of it.  I sanded the wood down, brushed on a deglosser and spray painted the table white.  This table was super easy to refinish and it was exactly what I wanted…all for $20.



If you are interested in how to refinish furniture check out this post:

Giving something new life

A Growth Chart

One of the most fun and easy projects to make is a growth chart.  Not only does it look good as decoration, but it is a great way to keep track of your growing kids or grand kids!  I remember as a kid, it was popular to mark your growth in a doorway.

So how did I do it?

I purchased two pine fence boards at my local home improvement store.  They were both 6 feet tall, so I cut off a foot at the top of the boards leaving 5 feet of board to work with. If you own a saw…great but I do know most store that sell wood will cut the boards for you!

After getting my boards the length I wanted, I laid them down side by side and screwed in three extra wood pieces to the back.  The wood pieces I found were in my scrap pile, however you can buy small pieces like this at the store.  When screwing the three wood pieces to the fence boards, make sure that your screws are not so long that they will go through the front.

Once the board was put together, it was time for the  actual art to be put on.

I traced an image of a tree using white chalk…

I then painted the tree on using a cream color crafters paint.

Then I added a red accent bird…

Then I added some numbers…

Then I added a rabbit

As my kids grow, I paint their age and height on the chart next to the tree, but really there is not definite way to do it!

Giving something new life

A few years back, my husband and I were given a dining room table from my parents.  We were thrilled to get a table that would actually fit our growing family.  This particular table had been in my parents house a.k a. the house I grew up in for many years.  This table has a lot of fond memories that stem from lots of family dinners to markings in the pine from doing homework.  I loved the table for the memories it held, but also for the fact that it functioned as an amazing piece of furniture.  The pine I did not love so much!

So how do you know when it’s time to give something new life?

For me it was pretty simple.  I wanted to keep the table in my family but I wanted it to fit my style and to be something I would be happy with for years to come.

The style and functionality of the table worked for me….not the color!

I went online and visited many furniture stores to find a color style that was something I loved!

After many hours…it was done!

The Chairs…


Giving furniture new life is not all that hard…

If this is something that you are wanting to try, it really is pretty simple!  Like anything that is well done however…it takes time!

The final result for me if like running a race.  You start off excited but a little nervous.    As you get close to the end, you are so excited to see the finish.  You finish the project and  you are excited you just did it.

***If you ever finished a project you did not like, I recommend letting it sit for a while until you have decided you want to try something new!  BELIEVE ME IT HAPPENS!

Refinishing furniture…

I started off by sanding the table down with sand paper.  I used a sand paper that was not too course.  A medium grit paper (# 12o and # 150) is useful for removing old paint and stain finish.  Since I am painting and not staining…the right type of sand paper is not that important!  Because I will be painting on a deglosser…it is not necessary to sand down the entire piece of furniture!

Next comes the sander deglosser… paint this on after lightly sanding.  This is some of my favorite stuff to use.  It is available at any home improvement store that sells paint.

After you have let the sander deglosser dry for a while ( usually give it 24 hours!)  It is time to paint…

For this project I did not prime.  I put the paint directly onto the wood.    Because this is furniture that will get a lot of use, I used cabinet enamel paint.  It is the best stuff.  It goes on thick and washes off with water.  The downside is that it is 52 dollars a gallon.

I put on about 3 coats of paint just to make sure it was on there for good.  I am thrilled with the results and cannot wait to host my first Christmas dinner this year.












A New Beginning….writing about something I love!