A Growth Chart

One of the most fun and easy projects to make is a growth chart.  Not only does it look good as decoration, but it is a great way to keep track of your growing kids or grand kids!  I remember as a kid, it was popular to mark your growth in a doorway.

So how did I do it?

I purchased two pine fence boards at my local home improvement store.  They were both 6 feet tall, so I cut off a foot at the top of the boards leaving 5 feet of board to work with. If you own a saw…great but I do know most store that sell wood will cut the boards for you!

After getting my boards the length I wanted, I laid them down side by side and screwed in three extra wood pieces to the back.  The wood pieces I found were in my scrap pile, however you can buy small pieces like this at the store.  When screwing the three wood pieces to the fence boards, make sure that your screws are not so long that they will go through the front.

Once the board was put together, it was time for the  actual art to be put on.

I traced an image of a tree using white chalk…

I then painted the tree on using a cream color crafters paint.

Then I added a red accent bird…

Then I added some numbers…

Then I added a rabbit

As my kids grow, I paint their age and height on the chart next to the tree, but really there is not definite way to do it!

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