Painting faux shiplap

Who doesn’t like a good shiplap wall?

It seems as if shiplap has been all the rage the last couple years…especially since Joanna Gaines from the hit show FIXER UPPER made it popular.

I liked the look of it and wanted in my house, but without the work or cost of actually putting up shiplap.  SO…I painted stripes on my wall to give my house the same effect!

Here is the before and after…

In order to give my wall the shiplap effect, I had to paint on lines on the wall.  I used a straight edge ruler, a pencil, some painters tape and black craft paint.

The best part about doing these lines, is that I wanted them to have that rough wood appearance, so I wasn’t even that careful about making the lines perfect.

In the end I was very happy with the results!

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