It’s that time of year when ants seem to appear EVERYWHERE.  SO the real question is…what do you do?

Do you hire a terminator? Will it last? Is it expensive? Is it safe?

Do you go to your local home improvement store and buy a spray? Which kind? How much do you need?

Maybe you research a home remedy…coffee grounds?

Ok…so maybe you like the ants.  They don’t seem so bad.  They will eventually go away right?!?!

I ask myself all of these questions pretty much every year.

So what do I actually do?

Ants are annoying period.  I don’t mind them when I see them outside.  The real issue comes when I am sitting on my couch and ten decide to visit me or I walk into my kitchen to find 50 ants eating out of my cat’s food bowl.

I don’t hire a terminator because I am cheap and always think I CAN DO IT MYSELF…

I have tried home remedies.  Someone even told me if you draw a black line near the ants, that they would not go past it.  It did not really work, but it was fun to see what would happen.

So this is what I have used…

Spectracide BUG STOP home barrier and Ecologic Home Insect Control.

Bug Stop works well, however the earth friendly side of me really likes the Eco logic.  Eco logic works for me and it smells really good…thanks to the lemongrass oil!

What do you use?  Just Curious…



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