Welcome to For the Love of Painting

…a blog about painting (because that’s what I love) but also house (because that’s what I also love!) and really I am learning as I go…

A bit about my journey…I started For the Love of Painting as a website and blog in 2009.  I have kept it as a website the whole time, but have gone on a few adventures all while still playing house.  I have maintained my blog off and on since 2009 but I also wanted a family. I had three girls and life got busy.  While staying home with my girls, I started a mobile paint party business in Reno, Nevada.  It really took off, became very successful and is still something I am doing today.  I love the paint party business, but I felt that I wanted to share all my house adventures too.

When did I start painting…I  started drawing and painting as a young girl, but my first big painting project was done on my childhood dresser when I was 16 years old.  I knew how to paint, but I had never actually refinished anything before!  Since then, I have been painting all kinds of things.

What is my goal with blogging?  Almost all artists want to show off their work.  Not only do I like seeing my own work, but I love seeing other people’s work too.  This is a way for me to show off my projects, but I would love to show off other people’s projects too…because it’s fun and why not!