New Paintings

Things have been busier than ever…I finally got some new paintings up!  Let me know if you would be interested in scheduling a party!

Mermaid Nights
Summer Ride
Elephant Art

Painting Faux Ship Lap…



Are you ever wanting more interest to an otherwise boring wall?  Faux Ship Lap is the new rage… (especially if you are someone like me who is obsessed with the show Fixer Upper!)

Ship Lap is beautiful, but a lot of work…

( if you don’t know what ship lap is…here you go!)

Shiplap is a type of wooden board used commonly in the construction of barns, sheds, outbuildings and inexpensive or seasonal homes. It is either rough-sawn 1″ or milled 3/4″ pine or similarly inexpensive wood between 3″ and 10″ wide with a 3/8″ – 1/2″ rabbet on opposite sides of each end.

SO…instead of using the real thing, I decided to go for something that looks like it.

Here is the Before and After:





A birthday and a table for the fish



This painting is an original Matisse painting and was requested to be painted by a repeat customer for her birthday.  This woman who’s birthday it was definitely has a passion for art, and it is was fun to try something new and a little bit challenging! The group of ladies had so much patience and did an amazing job painting!

A table for the fish

Andy Warhol Daisies

This party was fun and easy for me…I got to teach a painting I had already done for a surprise birthday party!  The group of ladies I taught had so much fun experimenting with different colors and really making them their own!

Andy Warhol Daisies
Andy Warhol Daisies

The Pretty Elephant Party

The Pretty Elephant party was done with a group of ladies that I had painted with before.  They are such a fun group and all do an amazing job!  The Pretty Elephant was probably one of the most fun painting’s I have done so far…it came with some adventures, but really I love how it turned out!
The pretty elephant

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe


Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe
Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

New Painting: Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

I painted with a fantastic group of girls.  At their request, we painted Emerald Bay and even the beginner’s paintings turned out amazing!  The painting really turned out to be a good one!

Pumpkin Fun


Pumpkin FunNew Painting: Pumpkin Fun

I love the fall and I love to paint in the fall.

 If only I had more time to paint all the brilliant ideas I have!

If you are interested in hosting let me know!

Sunset over the Lake

Sunset Over Lake
Sunset Over Lake

Talk about a beautiful back yard…I hosted this party in the most picturesque location with a group of such fun and easy going friends and family!  It was such a great night!